Shivering in Anticipation!

And for once, that isn’t referring to The Rocky Horror Picture Show — though I am looking forward to seeing the new version on October 20th. It stars the very talented Laverne Cox as Frankie, with Tim Curry as the Criminologist.

What I am all excited about is the release of Ghosts, Gears, and Grimoires coming on the 27th from Mocha Memoirs Press.

We have a wonderful trailer to whet your interest. This was created by Terry Phillips. Why is this important to The Conn-Mann Chronicles? Because it contains the very first Conn-Mann story written from Alistair’s point-of-view, “Restless Spirit”. It’s a third person ghost story that I really hope you enjoy. For now, here’s the trailer:


Closing in on November. Got some great feedback yesterday from a beta-reader on The Incredibly Irritating Irishman that will help greatly in the re-write. But one thing troubled me. I want further input…

She said that she didn’t feel any affection from Jo towards Alistair. I admit, I have been keeping it rather subtle, but I have tried to show their relationship blossoming and growing. Do you see it? If not, what more would you suggest I do before I get too far in the re-writing? 😉

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