Sorry About This…

…but sometimes the book refuses to do what you wanted it to.

I will not be calling it The Peculiar Prodigal Parents, but instead, The Fiercely Formidable Fugitive.

There is still a reunion with Jo’s mother–who she thought had died in the cholera epidemic of 1854, But there is another reunion looming, and it will not be as pleasant.

On the other hand…well, that is a surprise. 😉

Stats so far: 12880 words. I should be at 15000, but with the show on Saturday and a crisis of thought on Sunday put me behind.

The show was the First Annual Steampunk Variety Show and Faire put on by the Wimberley Steampunk Flood Gauges. It was a lot of fun, and a decently profitable show. I tried some new things with the set up this time. Some worked, some didn’t.


November 5 set up

I placed the dolls up out of the way, and I think that was a mistake. However, if I have room, I think the bookcase worked well as an alternative to the racks I usually use. I worked on some of my fixtures to make them more “Steampunk” as well — the box for the tea samples; the chalkboard to write my drawing message on; the pepperbox decanter up on the shelf. I think those things worked well. I will continue to edge toward the Steam for now, as my books get to be more and more in that category…but I won’t forget the fantasies, because I have new projects in that genre as well. 😉

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