Continuing with Avast, Ye Airships!


Continuing on with the walkthrough of Avast, Ye Airships! from Mocha Memoirs Press, we will look today at the next seven stories.

Andrew Knighton’s tale, “A Wind Will Rise,” tells of two adventurers out to save a shipload of captives from a Confederate Colonel who doesn’t believe the South has fallen forever. A rousing adventure tale with gadgets aplenty but not a spot of tea…

“Hooked” takes Wyndie Darling aboard the Neverland airship to sail with Captain Pan on a genteel pleasure cruise. But a storm blows in, bringing with it the infamous Jolly Roger, and she must choose a life of complacency or piracy. Not your normal Peter Pan.

Ross Baxter’s delightful tale of environmental responsibility and thinking outside the coal box, “Go Green,” should bring a smile to the most cynical lips.

“Lost Sky” is set in the same world as Amy Braun’s Dark Sky series. It is a grim tale of a young engineer trying to keep herself and her sister safe in a world gone mad. I really love this story. It is very gritty and dystopian in a Cherie Priest sort of Steampunk.

In “Miss Warlyss Meets the Black Buzzard,” Diana Parparita tells us of another young woman frustrated by the lifestyle she is expected to follow. Luckily, she has learned a thing or two about engineering…

Libby Smith’s tale of “Plunder in the Valley” is a rollicking tale of pirates come to plunder a most unusual item from a god-fearing community. You’ll never look at pirates in quite the same way again.

“The Clockwork Dragon” by Steve Cook is a story of revenge and redemption. Clockwork dragons ply the skies taking out pirates…but who can slay the dragons?


Next week we will finish up Avast, Ye Airships! The week after I have a treat for you. 🙂

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