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Collaborating with Pirates…

Several years ago now, I received an email from my good friend Marc Gunn asking if I wanted to do another collaborative album after Don’t Go Drinking with Hobbits. This time, it would be a collection of songs about airship … Continue reading

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How Do You Get Engagement?

This is a question for all the bigger bloggers out there. I am starting to look forward to the daily posts, but it’s hard to tell if they are reaching anyone, or if I am mostly talking to myself. I … Continue reading

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Starting to See the Appeal of this Blogging Thing…So Here’s a Contest

It’s the weekend, and the tour is paused until Monday…but I am having fun with the daily blogging, so I thought I would do something short and sweet today. I have been blogging on my other site about the new … Continue reading

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The Kittens Are Nameless No More!

Last weekend at ConDFW, Alistair and Jo held a contest to have people vote on the names for the kittens. There was a prize of a $25 Amazon Kindle card for entering. Whether it was the incentive or boredom, at … Continue reading

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It’s a bit of a pickle…

I only had three people vote in the final contest. And none of the votes were the same. So I have decided to give it one week more on the Facebook page. If you want to vote, drop by my … Continue reading

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Building a World

I am the first to admit that world-building is not my forte. I skim over a lot of detail. In the case of the Chronicles…I am torn. I got an email today from one of my intrepid beta-readers (Who I … Continue reading

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And Now, We Vote…

Here are the names submitted. If you don’t see yours, alas, it was a reference to something that would have been unavailable to the denizens of 1874. I do try and keep some semblance of validity to my timeline, even … Continue reading

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The Week Between Things

Jo, Fred, and Alistair decorated for the holidays… I’ve been most pleased with the nominations for the kittens’ names so far. I’ll be collecting them all on Sunday, and next week, I will figure out how to have a vote. … Continue reading

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Name the Kittens Contest!

1) Butterscotch for reference. He’s mine, and he’s been named!   [photo credit: Please Miss, am I still pretty? via photopin (license)] 2) Gray and white short hair with pink nose. Isn’t she sweet? So delicate. (And she looks so … Continue reading

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