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Today’s Stop Is an Interview with Interesting Questions

  Today’s Book Tour stop is an interview over at Confessions of an Eccentric Bookaholic. I had a good time with it. Reading back through it, I really liked it. I hope you will too. One of the cool things … Continue reading

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Just think…

Our refrigerator died yesterday. No fixing it. We had to buy a new one. It won’t be delivered until Monday, which was nine days faster than the other place we found that had one. So, no ice for drinks. Everything … Continue reading

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It’s FenCon Weekend!

Looking forward with great anticipation to another great FenCon weekend. I always love the con, and this year the Guest of Honor is Jim C. Hines, who I truly enjoy talking to–even if he is kicking my butt at Words … Continue reading

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Sorry to have been silent…

…but there has been a lot going on in the background! The Nearly Notorious Nun is out for one final read with some new beta-readers, and I got a good response from the first one. I am hoping that the … Continue reading

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Building a World

I am the first to admit that world-building is not my forte. I skim over a lot of detail. In the case of the Chronicles…I am torn. I got an email today from one of my intrepid beta-readers (Who I … Continue reading

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And Now, We Vote…

Here are the names submitted. If you don’t see yours, alas, it was a reference to something that would have been unavailable to the denizens of 1874. I do try and keep some semblance of validity to my timeline, even … Continue reading

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The Week Between Things

Jo, Fred, and Alistair decorated for the holidays… I’ve been most pleased with the nominations for the kittens’ names so far. I’ll be collecting them all on Sunday, and next week, I will figure out how to have a vote. … Continue reading

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