What would you like to see here next, as we broaden our Steampunk horizons somewhat?

I have three anthologies of Steampunk stories I could do as I have been doing the anthologies on RieWriter.com.

I could do a feature on each of the individual short stories related to the Chronicles that are out there.

I could RieView some of the Steampunk I have read from other authors.

I could tell you about some of my favorite Steampunk music.

I am also trying to work up the nerve to do some visual stuff like videos or one-frame comics with the dolls…

What would you like to see first? Leave ideas in the comments so I know where to start. 🙂

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Because I Promised…

…I will attempt to discuss diversity in The Conn-Mann Chronicles and not offend anyone.

There isn’t much.

There are two reasons for this.

  1. The time period was not an extremely integrated era. It’s a cheap excuse, but it’s true. The neighborhood involved in middle-class New York in the 1870s was likely to be fairly homogenous. Though I am reminded by the editor over my shoulder that the Irish were considered a minority and highly discriminated against in this timeframe, and Jo, Bridget, and Kevin are all in this boat.

Now, in the story “The Most Alarming Incident at Doc Adele’s Laundry” in Lost        Trails  2: Forgotten Tales of the Weird West from Wolfsinger Publications Jo encounters an African-American laundress and her Chinese helper in the wilds of California, and I hope I have depicted both with respect. Mei Lin may someday become a continuing character…I just haven’t decided whose household to attach her to.

Which leads to reason 2.

     2. I am afraid to get it wrong.

Yes, that is the coward’s way, but I have studied enough of culture (I have a degree in Asian Studies) to know how badly people can get it wrong.

These days, having sensitivity readers is quite common, but I have enough trouble getting beta readers to give me regular feedback.

But that’s just a lazy excuse.


If the situation arises that a character would logically or historically be diverse, or where it really wouldn’t matter and therefore could be easily done, I would love to get more diversity into the Chronicles. Right now, this is where I am. And that isn’t good enough…

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Thought about It this Weekend…


The book tour is over, and we are at a crossroads. What’s next?

I am considering book reviews, author interviews, music recommendations–any and everything Steampunk. What do you think?

It might take a while to set up some of these. Until then, I’ve had one suggestion for a topic from Twitter–discussing diversity in my world. That I will be exploring tomorrow.

And, after the (relative) success of the short story in-depths on the other blog, I am planning on doing the same for the Steampunk anthologies I have been a part of.

These are my current plans for the near future of this blog. If you’d like to see something more or something different, leave a comment. And join me tomorrow to discuss the diversity current and future in the Chronicles.

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Well…This Is It

people at the station

Photo by Johannes Rapprich on Pexels.com 

Our final stop. There was a change of plans I just discovered. The Italian stop was replaced with Book Bloggin’ Princess. Things like this happen. Sorry I didn’t have more notice to give everyone.

So…what’s next?

I really do need to know what you want to see here. Character profiles with more depth? Reference material about the period? Steampunk reviews? Thoughts for the future?

I am growing very fond of blogging, but I need to know what else there is to talk about with the Chronicles between books…

Help! 🙂

Leave your comments below.

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Tomorrow the Train Pulls into the Station for the Final Stop on the Virtual Book Tour…

Phone Download 8-28-19 1920

It’s been a wild two months. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the blogs related to the tour as much as I have enjoyed writing them. Tomorrow is a visit to La libreria di Beppe, or Beppe’s Bookshop in English. It’s kind of exciting to think that someone in Italy was interested in talking about the book.

I thought today I would do a bit of postmortem analysis of the tour.

The tour has been fun as far as seeing the reviews, and so forth, but unfortunately hasn’t translated into sales. We’ve had 23 KENP (Kindle Edition Normalized Pages) read over the length of the tour and no actual sales.

Would I do it again? I’m not sure.


  1. exposure to numerous sites that I would not likely have found otherwise.
  2. some new Twitter followers that likely have come from the tour notices.
  3. a new appreciation of blogging in general.


  1. even on sale, it was an expensive marketing tool.
  2. there were no tangible results.
  3. part of the problem is that the book was not a new release. (Probably a BIG part.)


I learned a great deal from the experience. And I am extremely grateful to Dorothy Thompson of Pump Up Your Book! Virtual Book Tours for all her hard work. But I think I will keep looking for the right promotion tool…

See you tomorrow for our final tour stop–and then you guys will really have to help me figure out what I should talk about next for The Conn-Mann Chronicles.


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Blogging Is Becoming a Habit…

I really like talking to everyone every day, but it doesn’t give me much time to do everything else I need to get done. It’s something to get a handle on. In the meantime, working on figuring out the best way to do stuff.

blog icon information internet

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

For example, I’ve been reading the great advice that I found on lifesfinewhine. Especially the advice about bringing visitors back to your site. I have managed to schedule one post ahead…and I need to look into doing more of that, but for now, I’m rather enjoying the break from “real writing,” though I have a lot of editing to do too, so I need to figure that work into the equation as well.

advertising alphabet blog close up

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I don’t spend as much time on Facebook as I used to, but it is a good way to interact with people. For example, the Coffee With Songs By Rie Sheridan Rose event today was a lot of fun. Lots of great comments and Marc Gunn was in fine form. He even sang “Scouring the Shire” for me!

I make sure that my blog posts all appear on Facebook and Twitter, and also share life events and fun stuff as well as other writing news.

advertising alphabet blog business

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I need to do more on Pinterest…mainly because it is a good place to storyboard and collect reference materials. I do have several boards so far. One for my photos pinned by other people. The aforementioned reference materials. And The Conn-Mann board among others.

There isn’t a photo spelling out Twitter, but this is one of the places I feel most successful. My impressions have been going up. It helps that I’ve been posting all the tour stops. We’ll have to see if it keeps up after Friday…

I am always looking for help with marketing and promotion, so if you have any advice or insights, let me know in the comments. 🙂


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Penultimate Stop Today

high angle view of train on railroad tracks

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Our final stop will be Friday, but today we visit Literarily Speaking for something a bit different–a First Chapter Review.

It was kinda cool to see how excited the reviewer was about the first chapter and how it seems to have made her want to keep reading, which was a great thing…

…the only problem was how it highlighted the confusion that can be caused by the Dime Novels at the beginning of each chapter in the first four books.

She calls the character “Kate” through the whole review. (I’ve made a polite comment about the mix-up, so it may be edited by the time you see it.) I hate to take anything away from Jo!

It brings to mind the old question…should I go back and take out the Dime Novels? Some people skip them as a matter-of-course. Some people don’t understand them and get a negative impression from the beginning, which is bad. Some people actually like them–myself included, of course… To me, they add to the ambiance of the period, and the plots of the Dime Novels are supposed to reflect the plots of the books.

What do you think?

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Winding Down the Tour…

grayscale photography of train on railroad

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

This is the last week of tour stops. It’s been an interesting ride. Today’s stop is an interview about self-publishing at Self-Publishing Showcase.

One of the things we did this weekend was set up the new TV we had to get to replace the one with the vertical drop-out in the center. My husband was so proud of his wall-mounting job and the shelves he hung over it for the DVDs and games. (I was going to take a picture and share it, but with that level of reflection, it will have to wait until the living room is cleaned up from the quarantine!) Still, watching that gorgeous picture gave me a game for today. It’s an oldie, but a goodie. Let’s play Cast the Chronicles.

It’s every writer’s dream to see their baby on the screen…whether in a movie version or TV series. Well, maybe not EVERY writer, but a whole lot of them. It’s not likely to happen for an obscure Steampunk series by an author with no name recognition but, hey, that’s where the dream part comes in.

I think, if I were casting The Marvelous Mechanical Man, I would want unknowns for Jo and Alistair because that brings no expectations created by former roles. Does that make sense?

We Roses think that Zach Galifianakis would be a good Herbert, though a bit older than envisioned in the book. He has all the other attributes of the character.

Fred should be a good foil for Jo, so similar in age and a bit taller.

Phaeton would be CGI, probably, as he is supposed to be nine feet tall–a detail admittedly lost quite often in the narrative… So, here, it is only the voice that is important. To me, he always sounds grave and a bit ponderous in my head. Though I know someone with the most beautiful voice. I wonder if David Michael Bennett would be interested in some voice acting?

Ma. Okay, let’s go pie-in-the-sky here, partially fueled by the fact that I am re-watching all of American Horror Story from the beginning. Kathy Bates would be awesome. Motherly and warm.

Vanessa and Aunt Emily. Any thoughts?

I’ve always seen Leonora as Jane Seymour, but she doesn’t come in until Book Two.

So, a mix of unknowns and wishes. Anybody want to play with me? Who do you think would be good cast members if it came down to it?

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Today’s Tour Stop–Publishing Secrets

train in railway

Photo by Mark Plötz on Pexels.com

Today’s tour stop is on Book Publishing Secrets: How to Publish Your Book. It talks about the number of publishers I’ve lost…Novel Books, Inc.; Sunnyside Up Publications; L&L Dreamspell; LTD Books…and many more.

That sounds bad, but unfortunately, it’s the reality of this business. Small presses are very difficult to run. There are dozens of expenses–as this link discusses. (It uses British monetary units, but gives you an idea.) Cover artists to pay, author royalties, overhead, printing, and that’s all before the promotion budget gets allocated.

It’s overwhelming when you have several authors depending on you. I know it must be because it is overwhelming when I am doing it all myself!

I don’t blame any of the publishers that folded under my work. They were hard-working visionary people who wanted to provide quality books for authors who often were trying new, cutting-edge manuscripts that didn’t fit the mainstream requirements. (And it’s not like you make a lot more money with a traditional publisher…)

Unfortunately, they didn’t have the resources to keep their doors open. This is a problem that plagues a lot of start-ups, in and out of the publishing business.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t great small presses who are keeping their door wide open and are fighting the good fight. Supporting these organizations will help ensure that independent presses don’t completely fade away. Here are some great houses with deep stables of fascinating authors and wonderful books. Check out the offerings from Zumaya Publications, Mocha Memoirs Press, Yard Dog Press, Lycan Valley Publications, Horror Addicts Press, or some of the other small presses out there.

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Today’s Stop–Tea and Kittens

locomotive train toy

Photo by Jarod Lovekamp on Pexels.com

Today’s stop is at Sheila’s Guests and Reviews. It’s another look at promotion because one can never discuss that too much. This time, I focus on thinking outside the box. Finding the thing that makes your book special or different and work that into your promotion plan.

In my case, it was tea and kittens. 🙂

If you can find someone to collaborate with, you can do some pretty cool things. Like my teas. These were crafted with care by Genevieve Dodd of Tea Punk Teas. She is a fan of the books and helped to come up with combinations of flavors that we felt really capture the spirit of the characters. Jo is full of caffeine and sparkling fruit flavors. Alistair is laid back, with notes of chocolate sweetness. (And currently sold out!) Leonora has lavender and lots of shapes that make it easy to read the leaves. They seem to have gotten rave reviews, so we did something right.

I am always looking for the next great thing. A new promo idea can sometimes boost sales. Though it doesn’t always work. Postcards and business cards are the easiest way to get your name out there, but keep in mind how many of them there are in the world. To go this route, I will once again say, Vistaprint is a great resource. 4imprint has some cool stuff with a more corporate flair that can be great for drawing prizes or special offers. And Oriental Trading Company has neat little giveaway items. National Pen is a good source of pens, pencils, and keychains. For more substantial items, CafePress can provide T-shirts and kitchenware. 

I’ve said some of this before, but not everyone reads every post, so it is good to reinforce things now and then.

Whatever you do, think outside the box and make your promo your own. What is special about your work, and how can you use it to sell books?


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